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Polystyrene (abbreviated as PS) refers to the polymer synthesized by free radical addition polymerization of styrene monomer, with the chemical formula of (C8H8) n. It is a colorless and transparent thermoplastic with a glass transition temperature higher than 100 ℃, so it is often used to make various disposable containers that need to withstand the temperature of boiling water, as well as disposable foam lunch boxes.
Chinese name: polystyrene Appearance: colorless transparent thermoplastic
Foreign name: Polystyrene Flash point: 156.3 ℃
Chemical formula: (C8H8) n Application: electronic appliances
Melting point: 212 ℃ Hazard description: Xi
Boiling point: 293.4 ℃ UN Dangerous goods No.: 2211
Density: 1.05g/cm ³                         Classification: ordinary polystyrene/expanded polystyrene, etc
Use of polystyrene: polystyrene is easy to process and shape, and has the advantages of transparency, cheapness, rigidity, insulation, good printability, etc. It can be widely used in light industry market, daily decoration, lighting indication and packaging. In the electrical aspect, it is also a good insulating material and thermal insulation material, which can be used to make various instrument shells, lampshades, optical chemical instrument parts, transparent films, capacitor dielectric layers, etc.
Packaging and transportation: polyethylene plastic woven bags are used, with a net weight of 25KG for each bag;
Do not mix with toxic, corrosive and flammable materials;
Store in a ventilated and dry environment;
It shall be far away from the fire source and shall not be directly exposed to sunlight.

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