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Research & development team:

Company Technology Center is our company’s research and development institution. The center, established in 1996, is an independent institution of our company, which carries out work independently and provides technology innovation service. In June, 1999, the center was approved as a “provincial company technology center”. In 2003 and 2004, our technology center was awarded with “Anhui provincial excellent company technology center” two times. The center has perfected all kinds of regulations and institutions and financial management institution so its organization structure is complete. General manager occupies the director of the center. Its three vice directors were occupied by three vice general managers that are respectively in charge of technology development and production management. There are the following sectors in the center: project development office, science and technology development office, measuring and instruments room, center laboratory, information center, agriculture fertilizer service center, microcomputer room, fine chemical product laboratory, pressure vessel design room, environment monitoring station and technology committee. Among them, agriculture fertilizer service center was awarded with the title of “National chemical industry agriculture fertilizer service center” by former chemical industry ministry. Pressure vessel design room has design qualification for class one and class two pressure vessel and GB and GC2 pressure tubing. Center laboratory has gained class A quality attestation certificate issued by China petroleum and chemistry industry association. Now there are 101 employees that include 55 middle or senior professionals. All sector’s heads are occupied by middle or senior professionals. All principals of projects and tasks own middle or senior technology title.

The center major tasks are the followings. Collect and investigate domestic and international market information about new product, new technology, new technics, new material and new equipment; Research and design high technology, key technology and new product that have potential market foreground; Combine production, learning and research and carry out important technology development and research; Take part in argumentation of technology reform and technology fetching-in; Carry out market analysis and feasibility research report to new development project. The center has made the following technology innovation strategies: Use high new technology to reform traditional industry; Basing on present industry, realize breakthrough in biology technology, fine chemical industry and new material fields and plant new economy growth point.

The technology center owns advanced instruments and equipments for research, development, test and experimentation. Fine chemical industry laboratory owns whole set of test equipment for laboratory-scale and pilot-scale experiment and relative experiment conditions. Agriculture service center owns advanced soil-analysis test instrument and can determine soil for reasonable fertilizing; Measuring and instrument room can carry out measuring and determination work through advanced instruments. Environment monitoring station owns its environment protection monitoring analysis room, COD quick determination instrument, air components analysis instrument and other advanced monitoring instruments. Pressure vessel design room owns its physical and chemical test room and ability for physical tests such as metal material resistance performances to draw, press, bending and impact and chemical components analysis. Center laboratory own advanced analysis test instruments and can continuously check new product’s quality, components and data and monitor and analysis chemical industry production.


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