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Styrene (C8H8) is an organic compound formed by substituting styrene for a hydrogen atom. The electrons of vinyl group conjugate with benzene ring, insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol and ether, and gradually occur polymerization and oxidation when exposed to air. In industry, it is an important monomer for synthetic resins, ion exchange resins, synthetic rubber and plastics. It is used for the production of styrene butadiene rubber, polystyrene and foam polystyrene. It is also used for copolymerization with other monomers to produce engineering plastics of various uses. For example, ABS resin prepared by copolymerization with acrylonitrile and butadiene is widely used in various household appliances and industries; SAN prepared by copolymerization with acrylonitrile is impact-resistant and glossy resin; SBS prepared by copolymerization with butadiene is a thermoplastic rubber, widely used as modifier of polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene, etc. Styrene is mainly used in the production of styrene series resins and styrene-butadiene rubber. It is also one of the raw materials for the production of ion exchange resins and pharmaceutical products. In addition, styrene can also be used in pharmaceutical, dyestuff, pesticide and mineral processing industries.

Chinese Name: English Name of Styrene: Styrene Alias: Vinyl Benzene

Chemical formula: C8H8 molecular weight: 104.15 CAS login number: 100-42-5

_EINECS login number: 202-851-5 melting point: -30.6 C

Boiling Point of_: Water Soluble Insoluble at 146 C Water Density: 0.909g/mL

Appearance: Colorless transparent oily liquid flash point: 31 C

Transport Number of Dangerous Goods: 33541 Spontaneous Combustion Temperature: 490 Temperature

_critical temperature: 369 C critical pressure: 3.81 MPa

__combustion heat 4376.9 kJ/mol saturated vapor pressure: 1.33 kPa (30.8 C)

_volume expansion coefficient: 0.00097 (K-1)


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