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liquid oxygen
Time:2022-08-10   Read:103second  
Molecular formula: O2 content (%): ≥ 99.6
Melting point (℃): -222.65 Relative density (water=1): 1.14 (- 183 ℃)
Boiling point (℃): -182.96 Relative vapor density (air=1): 1.43
Saturated vapor pressure (kPa): 506.62 (- 164 ℃) Critical temperature (℃): -118.4
Critical pressure (MPa): 5.08 Solubility: slightly soluble in water and ethanol.
Product property: oxygen is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas, with molecular formula of O2, molecular weight of 32, density of 1.4289 kg/m3 under standard state (T=273.15K, P=100kPa), liquid oxygen is a transparent and easily transportable liquid in sky blue, which can be solidified into solid oxygen at - 227 ℃, which is a light cyan hexagonal crystal, transparent and easy to flow. Oxygen is particularly active in chemical properties, and has strong combustion supporting property.
Health hazard: under normal pressure and temperature, liquid oxygen will be vaporized into gaseous oxygen. When the oxygen concentration exceeds 40%, oxygen poisoning may occur. When 40%~60% oxygen is inhaled, there will be post sternal discomfort, light cough, and then chest tightness, post sternal burning, dyspnea, and cough aggravation; In severe cases, pulmonary edema and even respiratory distress syndrome may occur. When the concentration of inhaled oxygen is above 80%, facial muscle twitch, pallor, dizziness, tachycardia and collapse will occur, and then the whole body will die of tonic convulsion, coma and respiratory failure. Long term exposure to oxygen partial pressure of 60~100kpa (equivalent to about 40% of inhaled oxygen concentration) may lead to eye damage and severe blindness.
Uses: 1. Metallurgical industry: including iron and steel smelting and non-ferrous metal smelting processes, oxygen is widely used. Its obvious role is to strengthen the smelting process, so as to increase production and save energy. 2. Mechanical industry: the application of oxygen for metal welding and cutting can greatly improve the work efficiency. 3. Chemical industry: oxygen is used to manufacture chemical products such as medicine, dyes and explosives, and it is also used to strengthen production. 4. National defense industry: Liquid oxygen is the best combustion supporting agent for modern rockets. Oxygen is also required as an oxidant in supersonic aircraft. Flammable materials impregnated with liquid oxygen have strong explosiveness and can be used to make liquid oxygen explosives. 5. Electronics industry: the electronic industry uses oxygen, which is not only used as fuel gas, but also as the oxidation gas for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuits. It is one of the indispensable high-purity gases in the industry.
Hazard: Class 2.2 incombustible gas

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