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Dimethyl carbonate
Time:2022-08-07   Read:5511second  
Dimethyl carbonate is an organic compound with the chemical formula of C3H6O3. It is a chemical raw material with low toxicity, excellent environmental protection performance, and a wide range of uses. It is an important organic synthesis intermediate. Its molecular structure contains carbonyl, methyl, methoxy and other functional groups. It has a variety of reactivity. It is safe, convenient, less pollution, and easy to transport in production.
Chinese Name: Dimethyl Carbonate Foreign Name: Dimethyl Carbonate, DMC
Chemical formula: C3H6O3 Molecular weight: 90.078
Melting point: 0.5 ℃ Boiling point: 90 ℃
Water solubility: insoluble density: 1.07 g/cm ³
Appearance: colorless liquid with aromatic smell Flash point: 17 ℃ (OC)
Safety description: S16; S9 Hazard symbol: F
Hazard description: R11UN Dangerous goods No.: 1161
Main use: Dimethyl carbonate (DMC) has a unique molecular structure (CH3O-CO-OCH3), which contains carbonyl, methyl, methoxy and carbonyl methoxy, so it can be widely used in organic synthesis reactions such as carbonylation, methylation, methoxy and carbonyl methylation.
1. A new low toxic solvent can replace toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, acetone or butanone and other solvents in the paint and adhesive industries. It is an environment-friendly green chemical product.
2. Good methylation agent, carbonylation agent, hydroxymethylation agent and methoxylation agent, it is a widely used chemical raw material.
3. Phosgene, dimethyl sulfate, methyl chloroformate and other highly toxic drugs are ideal substitutes.
4. Synthesis of polycarbonate, diphenyl carbonate, isocyanate, etc.
5. In medicine, it is used to synthesize anti infective drugs, antipyretic and analgesic drugs, vitamins, and central nervous system drugs.
6. Pesticides are mainly used to produce methyl isocyanate, and then some carbamate drugs and pesticides (anisole).
7. Gasoline additive, lithium battery electrolyte, etc.

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