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Donating financial aid to students is in action
Time:2019-08-13   Read:322second  

On August 12, the "Dream Starting and Love Peer Evening" co-sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Fuyang Municipal Committee, Fuyang Guangong Committee, Fuyang Civil Affairs Bureau, Fuyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Fuyang Women's Federation and Fuyang Radio and Television Station was held in the Broadcasting Hall of Fuyang Radio and Television Station. Gao Yulei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of the company, attended the party on behalf of Anhui Haoyuan Chemical Group Co., Ltd. At the meeting, Anhui Haoyuan Chemical Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorable title of "Love Enterprise".

While developing rapidly and healthily, Haoyuan actively practices the concept of serving the society and participates in various donation and funding activities of "Love Dream University". Since 2006, donation activities have been actively carried out for 13 consecutive years. Through visiting, arranging and verifying, more than 150 impoverished college students have been funded. At these turning points in the life of the poor students, pull a hand, send a journey, so that they can enter the University smoothly, complete their studies, realize their dreams of life.


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