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Fertilizer Sales Company Actively Plans Fat Market Fertilizer Preparedness
Time:2019-08-16   Read:262second  

After entering August, the first wave of fertilizer preparation in the domestic autumn compound fertilizer market started one after another.

_Fertilizer Sales Company seizes the market opportunity, arranges sales personnel to the market in advance to understand the market information of local fertilizer preparation, fertilizer use and sales, and deploys the planning of compound fertilizer and differentiated urea sales in advance according to the actual market situation. At the same time, the sales company organizes sales personnel to go deep into the market, publicize and promote products, and through special marketing activities such as ordering meetings with customers, take various measures to publicize and promote Haoyuan brand autumn series of compound fertilizers and polypeptide urea, source peptide urea, zinc humic acid urea, polyglutamic acid urea, polypeptide chelated potassium zinc urea. New fertilizer products such as vegetable, polypeptide chelated potassium, zinc-rich boron and urea have been widely praised by agricultural dealers and farmers'friends, which further improves the company's product popularity and reputation.


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