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The company held a dispatching meeting to arrange the work after the festival
Time:2021-02-20   Read:453second  

On February 18, fan Diancai, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of Haoyuan company, presided over a dispatching meeting for the purpose of opening a good bureau, taking good steps, grasping safety and promoting development, and made arrangements for the work after the festival. The company's middle-level and above managers attend the meeting.
At the meeting, chairman fan Diancai, on behalf of the company, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the cadres and employees who stuck to their posts during the Spring Festival.
   then, Fandian summarized the production and operation of the company in January, and made a comprehensive deployment of the production work after the festival.

2021 is the key year for the company to "retreat from the city and enter the park" and its transformation and development. We need to work hard with the spirit of seizing the day, and we should not be slack at all. All units should immediately adjust the status of employees, concentrate and restore work order, so as to lay a good foundation for the successful completion of the annual work objectives.
   stick to the bottom line and do a good job in production safety. We should continue to carry out all-round, systematic and in-depth investigation and treatment of hidden dangers; continue to carry out the construction of safety standardization, promote the procedural safety management, the standardization of post operation, and the standardization of safe operation of operators; comprehensively improve the level of emergency management, regularly organize and carry out emergency drills, strengthen the emergency training of all staff, and improve the emergency handling ability of employees; strengthen the project management Construction safety management, clear responsibilities of management levels at all levels, organize construction in strict accordance with operation procedures and safety technical measures to ensure the safety of operation site.
   persevere to ensure the stable operation of production. We should continue to do a good job in cost reduction and efficiency improvement, promote the further reduction of main energy consumption of coal, electricity and steam, strengthen equipment maintenance and management, strictly control process indicators, and continuously improve the production level of the device, improve the management level of instrument automation, strengthen the maintenance of automatic instruments, and further improve the safety production efficiency.
   make every effort to continuously promote the project construction. Development is the last word and the key to solving all problems. It is necessary to strengthen confidence, face up to difficulties, clarify responsibility objectives and project progress, reasonably arrange detailed construction schedule, strictly control project quality, do a good job in all aspects of project construction management, and fully promote the construction of key projects in the park.
   people oriented, pay attention to personnel training. We should firmly establish the idea that talents are the first resource, attach equal importance to the introduction and cultivation of talents, continue to improve the system of personnel training and incentive, build a solid foundation for talents, and boost the high-quality development of enterprises.


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