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Tons of bags
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Ton bag Description:
International standard pattern tons of bags tons of bags (also known as Container / Space bag / 1 flexible container / ton bag / ton bag / Space Bag / PIP bag): it is a flexible transport containers. With moisture, dust, radiation-resistant, strong safety advantages, and have sufficient strength in the structure. Since the FIBC handling, transportation is very convenient, significantly improved handling efficiency, has developed rapidly in recent years. Container usually used polypropylene, polyethylene and other textiles made of polyester fiber. It can be widely used in chemical, building materials, plastics, minerals and other types of powder, granular, massive items of packaging, and ideal for the storage, transportation and other industries.
Tons of bags, also known as FIBC (flexible freight bags), bulk bags, space bags, is an intermediate bulk container is a container unit appliance, together with the crane or forklift, container can be achieved unit of transport.
It facilitates the shipment of bulk powder materials in bulk, with a large volume, light weight, easy handling and other characteristics, is one of a common packaging materials. It is characterized by simple structure, light weight, can be folded back to the empty space occupied by small, low prices.
1. Container load between 0.5-3T, the volume between 500-2300L, insurance factor can be based on user needs 3: 1,5: 1,6: 1 design.
2, according to the content of goods into bulk container bags and small package goods container bags two categories for one-time use and use of working capital.
3. Container according to shape into round, square.
4, lifting the structure Covered hanging type, hanging type and a bottom side hanging type, there is usually expected out.
Applicable type: Reusable / Disposable type
Shape: square type / rectangle /
Lifting mode: Top hung / side crane / bottom feeding mouth hanging: There inlet / no inlet (large aperture / waterproof drape) discharge port: with a discharge opening / no discharge port
Raw materials: polypropylene (PP)
Load capacity: 0.3 t -2 tons
Container is polypropylene as the main raw material, add a small amount of stability seasoning evenly mixed, heated melt extrusion of plastic film, cut wire, and then stretched by heat setting is made of high-strength low elongation PP raw silk, and then by the textile, coating made of plastic woven fabric, and after suture tape made tons of bags and other accessories.
Use and Storage Notes:
1, do not stand in the lifting operations in the following FIBC.
2. Keep hanging hook hanging in the central part of the sling or sling, do not oblique hanging, hanging on one side or the oblique lifting bulk bags.
3. Do not work with other items friction, hooked or collision Container.
4. Do not pull the tape back to the outside.
5, container bags using a forklift operation, please do not make contact with the fork or tie to the bag to prevent punctured container bags.
6, in the workshop handling, try to use a tray, avoid using hanging Gouzhuo container bags, side sway side handling.
7, in the loading, unloading and stacking container bags must maintain upright.
8, not to Container on the ground or concrete tow.
10, forced in outdoor storage, bulk bags should be placed on the shelves, and be sure to use an opaque shade cloth, tightly covered container bags.
11. After use, paper or opaque shade cloth to wrap Container, stored in well-ventilated place.
Chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials, plastic raw materials, food additives, feed additives, powder metallurgy, ore powder, refractories and all applicable tons of bags industry.
6 design principles:
Container design should strictly implement GB / T10454-2000 national standards. Container as export packaging, to ensure that exports of goods during handling, transportation and storage process to effectively protect the load items, all in good condition of the goods to the destination. Accordingly, Container design must meet four points, namely security, storage, the use of, sealing.
1. Security
Mainly refers to the strength of the FIBC. To be considered in the design of the packaging volume, weight and packaging containing the number of loading units, but also consider how much traffic on the distance and handling times, and what means of transport and transport methods adopted. In GB / T10454-2000 Container national standard, strict rules FIBC fabric and tape technical requirements, from a security point of view, a clear structure all Container bottom hanging structure. Must meet the 1.8 safety factor.
2. Retain sex
It should be based on the user's condition, reasonable selection of materials, a reasonable ratio. Plastic sun exposure under the anti-aging ability is more concerned about the issue, but also in actual use Container problem often encountered. Note the use and the choice of materials resistant purple agents in the production process.
3. Use of
In the design container bags, we should fully consider specific ways customers use Container and methods, such as Lifting, transport, loading material properties. Also consider whether the food packaging, to consider the package of food, non-toxic, harmless.
4. tightness
Different packaging materials, different sealing requirements. The powder or toxic substances, contaminated items afraid sealing performance requirements are very strict, easy to damp or moldy materials for tightness also have special requirements. So in the design of container bags, note the fabric coating process and consider the impact on the tightness of the sewing process.

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