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Tert butyl acetate
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1) Physicochemical properties
English name: tert Butyl acetate Melting point: no data
CAS No.: 540-88-5 Boiling point: 98 ° C
Molecular formula: C6H12O2 Flash point: 4.4 ° C (closed cup)
Molecular weight: 116.16 Density: 0.866g/cm3 (20 ° C)
2) Product quality index
3) Product introduction and application
Tert butyl acetate is a low toxic solvent, which is listed as a VOC exempt and non hazardous air pollutant (non HAP) by the National Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States. Tert butyl acetate has excellent solubility to many substances, such as nitrocellulose, acrylic acid, alkyd resin, polyester and polyester resin. Tert butyl acetate can replace many harmful air pollutants (HAP) and volatile organic solvents (VOC), including toluene, xylene, esters, ketones and hydrocarbons.
   ♦ Coatings, inks and adhesives: tert butyl acetate can replace VOC and HAP solvents in decorative and industrial coatings, printing ink, pressure sensitive adhesive, adhesives and other formulations. It is more volatile and nonflammable than acetone and methyl acetate. Tert butyl acetate has similar volatilization speed and solubility with other solvents in a variety of paint systems (such as 2K polyurethane, alkyd resin, acrylic resin, nitrocellulose, paint and baking varnish), such as methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, ethyl, propyl acetate and toluene. Because of its excellent amine resistance, it can also be used to replace toluene solvent in epoxy polyamide coatings.
   ♦ Industrial cleaning agent: as a solvent based cleaning agent, tert butyl acetate has the same extensive solubility as general chlorinated solvents and hydrocarbon solvents, and as a non halogenated solvent, it will not damage the ozone layer, and can be used for metal degreasing and cleaning of special equipment, such as aviation, aerospace industrial machinery, fine mechanical equipment, etc. In addition, it can effectively remove toluene, soil contaminated by cleaning mineral oil and acetone, lithium grease, etc.
   ♦ Electronics industry: tert butyl acetate also has certain applications in semiconductor processing. It can be used to replace other solvents in the photoresist formula, and can also be used to clean circuit boards, remove oil and remove flux.
   ♦ Other applications: agricultural products; Textiles: pharmaceutical intermediates, etc.


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