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Tert butyl acrylate
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1) Physicochemical properties
English name: tert Butyl acrylate Melting point: - 69 ° C
CAS No.: 1663-39-4 Boiling point: 121 ° C (1.013bar)
Molecular formula: C7H12O2 Flash point: 17 ° C (closed cup)
Molecular weight: 128.17
Density: 0.875 g/cm3 (25 ° C)
2) Product quality index

3) Product introduction and application
Because tert butyl acrylate has unique unsaturated double bonds and tert butyl groups with strong activity, polymers with excellent performance can be prepared by self polymerization or copolymerization with other vinyl monomers, such as styrene, vinyl acetate, methyl methacrylate, acrylonitrile, acrylamide, vinyl chloride, etc. The polymer obtained by polymerization of carbon carbon double bond of tert butyl acrylate is colorless and transparent, with strong adhesion, good transparency, clear film formation, excellent light stability, weather resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance and other good chemical and physical properties, so it can be used in coatings, synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber, plastics, leather, paper making, adhesives, packaging materials, water treatment, metallurgy and mining Daily chemical products are more and more widely used.
It mainly has the following applications:
   ♦ Paint resin (high solid paint formula)
   ♦ Vehicle OEM/polish surface varnish
   ♦ High grade vehicle touch up paint
   ♦ High polymer paper setting agent
   ♦ Used as coating materials or adhesives for solid dosage form drugs
   ♦ Hair care polymer products, such as hair styling agents

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