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Look at the great American Fuyang to build Hao Yuan as a young man
Hao Yuan Group youth workers outdoor development activities held ceremoniously
Source:League Committee   Author:Zhu Mei   Time:2018-06-07   Read:239second  

In this season of planting hope, in this season of planting hope, to organize and mobilize the young people of the company to experience the great achievements of the economic and social development of Fuyang in recent years, feel the changes of the great American Fuyang, stimulate the hot feelings of the youth cadres of the league members, and train the youth through outdoor training and exercise. In May 31st, more than 60 outstanding young employees of the company group corporation organized the outdoor development activities of "seeing great beauty in Fuyang construction as a youth for Hao Yuan".

The specific itinerary of this event is: visit the Fuyang Urban Planning Exhibition Hall - visit Yue Jia Hu Park (outdoor expansion game) - picnic.

In the Fuyang urban planning exhibition hall, young employees are guided by the guide, and they are very happy to visit. On the first floor, "Fu Cheng District", walking in Fucheng ancient street, there are various types of merchants in the statues of business. On both sides of the street are the old "old streets", such as rice line and cloth street. At the end of the ancient street, there is an ancient stage, the background wall of the stage, a LED display screen, is playing the Opera... As if let us enter the time tunnel, placed in the late Qing Dynasty in the marketplace......

In the two floor planning exhibition area, a large number of exhibition boards and urban micro carving models have been set up, and the overall planning of Fuyang city and various patents are displayed. In the Fuyang city's famous enterprise section, the icons of Hao Yuan chemical are sparkled in the striking position, and the Fuyang coal based new material industry park has opened up a special edition to Fucheng people. The exhibition of the people is a pride and honor to the youth who are here.  We can't help but take pictures together in front of the Hao Yuan icon.

In the Planning Museum, the most shocking city is a square meter of urban micro plastic model, which has been reduced by one thousand times. In 2030, the road, the high speed rail, the greening, the public construction and so on are planned to be clear. At the same time, it integrates a large number of modern technology means and touch screen games, such as sound optoelectronic, multimedia interaction and so on.  The promotional film of Fucheng plan reads yesterday, today and tomorrow of Fuyang's urban planning.

At 11 a.m., in the beautiful lake park, the blue sky and white clouds, the white sand, and the limpid water let us seem to be in the embrace of nature. When the staff were ready, the young employees actively participated in the game competitions, such as "dryland dragon boat", "lift sedan chair" and "ground rat", and the atmosphere reached a climax.  Although summer is hot and the temperature is very high, it doesn't affect everyone's mood of playing games happily. Finally, we have picnic on the grass, bread, milk and so on, so that young workers can enjoy it.

After a visit to the Fuyang city planning exhibition hall, we have seen that the construction of the great American Fuyang has increased his love for his hometown, and will be based on this post and on the ground and actively devote himself to the development and construction of the company.


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