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Pratt & Whitney agricultural technology company won the honorary title of "advanced social poverty alleviation unit" in Yingdong District
Source:Information Office   Author: Wu Wenwen   Time:2018-10-24   Read:220second  

On October 17, Anhui Puhui Agricultural Science and Technology Company was awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Unit for Social Poverty Alleviation" in Yingdong District.

Anhui Puhui Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. was founded by Anhui Haoyuan Group in response to the call of Fuyang Municipal Government, adhering to the corporate culture concept of "Huize employees serve the community". Agricultural Park mainly engaged in vegetable planting and comprehensive development of agricultural production, a total of four functional zones: smart glass greenhouse, sunlight greenhouse, Factory Seedling area, vegetable processing and distribution area. In the construction of the park, the company actively responds to the call of the state, attaches great importance to poverty alleviation work, employs priority to employ poverty-alleviating households, and drives the idle labor around Huahua Town in Yingdong District. At the same time, the company often goes deep into the fields of poverty-alleviating households, guiding them to plant open-field vegetables, changing the surrounding agricultural model of wheat and beans for thousands of years to develop new agricultural models, driving the poor households to increase income and accelerate the pace of poverty eradication and wealth.


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