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The "Purchasing Oriented" Listing Ceremony of Vegetable Direct Supply Planting Base of GSP Agriculture and Anhui University of Technology was held in Yingdong Planting Base
Time:2019-06-10   Read:166second  

On the morning of June 5, Wu Lighting, Standing Committee and Vice-President of the Party Committee of Anhui University of Technology, Gu Hengzhong, Vice-Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Fuyang City and Secretary of the Yingdong District Committee, visited the planting base of Yingdong District of Pratt-Whitney Agricultural Company for inspection and guidance, accompanied by Yang Jie, Deputy General Manager of the company.

Wu Lighting and his delegation went deep into the field in the hot summer and inspected all kinds of fruits and vegetables growing well in the modern green pollution-free vegetable greenhouse of Pratt-Whitney Agricultural Company. In the greenhouse, Yang Jie introduced the current vegetable varieties planted by Pratt & Whitney Agricultural Company, and how to apply advanced agricultural management methods to vegetable planting and management process. Visitors have expressed their doubts, confidence and determination through on-site visits.

After the visit, the "Purchasing Oriented" listing ceremony was held on the first floor of the company's office building for the vegetable direct planting base of GSP Agriculture and Anhui University of Technology. The ceremony was presided over by Wang Xianming, Deputy Secretary of Yingdong District Committee.

Gu Hengzhong, Vice Chairman of Fuyang CPPCC and Secretary of Yingdong District Committee, delivered a speech. He welcomed the arrival of the leaders of the Logistics Management Service Center of Anhui Universities and the University of Anhui Polytechnic, and briefly introduced the work of eliminating poverty and tackling key problems in Yingdong District, especially the work of poverty alleviation in industry. Yingdong District has abundant agricultural products resources, obvious price advantages, safe and reliable quality. We warmly welcome the logistics departments of colleges and universities to join in the procurement of agricultural products in Fujian.

Wu Liming, Standing Committee and Vice President of the Party Committee of Anhui University of Technology, delivered a speech. He briefly introduced the situation of the school's promotion of "farm-school docking" and "purchasing-oriented" work, and said that both sides should work together to ensure the safety of agricultural products purchased; the school resolutely implemented the spirit of the document "Opinions of the General Office of the Anhui Provincial People's Government on Guiding and Supporting College canteens to Purchase Agricultural Products for Poor Counties (Cities and Districts), and put"purchasing-oriented"work into Do a good job. The catering enterprises in schools should further improve their political positions and ensure the completion of purchasing tasks in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Party Committee of the school; the two sides should strengthen information communication, rationalize distribution methods, reduce purchasing costs, follow market rules, and build a long-term and stable cooperation platform, so that both sides can achieve "win-win" and better help poor households to increase their incomes and get rid of poverty.

_Subsequently, in the conference room on the second floor of Yingdong District Committee, held a symposium and signing ceremony of "Purchasing Oriented" Yingdong District Agricultural Products of Anhui University of Technology. Relevant units directly under the district are responsible for comrades'accompanying visits or discussions.

_The "procurement-oriented" work currently being implemented is an innovative measure and an important political task for provincial Party committee, provincial government and provincial education department to take advantage of "farm-school docking" to bring farmer's agricultural products into university canteens and promote precise poverty alleviation. In 2018, college canteens in the whole province purchased 9.66 million kilograms of agricultural products for poverty-stricken counties with a total amount of 45.9 million yuan, which effectively alleviated the difficulty of selling some agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas and promoted local agricultural development and poverty alleviation of poor households.


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