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The company held an interesting sports meeting to welcome the national day
Time:2021-10-04   Read:206second  

In order to further enrich employees' amateur cultural life, enhance employees' cohesion and stimulate team spirit, Haoyuan's labor union and Youth League Committee held an interesting sports meeting for employees to welcome the National Day in the company's basketball court from September 30 to October 2. There are three events in the Games: interesting ferrule, giant smash and basketball game.
  at the interesting award-winning ferrule activity site, the novel and interesting activity attracted more than 100 young employees to actively participate, and the crowd was surging and passionate at the activity site; Applause and cheers broke out one after another. The contestants were full of energy, sharpened their hands and showed their skills. One prize after another was set. Everyone returned with a full load and a happy smile on their faces. The activity lasted more than an hour.
  then, a more intense competition began to be staged in the stadium of the giant ball. The competition required the two groups of players to give full play to the spirit of teamwork, cooperate with each other, and use the rainbow umbrella to throw the giant ball upward to each other's field. The ball danced back and forth on both sides. The competition was exciting.
  with the referee's whistle, the basketball game officially started. The players of both sides fought fiercely. A series of actions such as dribbling, dribbling and shooting were natural and standardized, which fully demonstrated the team's cooperation ability and competitive level.
  after fierce competition, the first team of dianyi won the first place in the giant smash and the second team of dianyi won the first place in the basketball game.
  the sports meeting not only delighted the physical and mental health of the employees, alleviated the tense work pressure and created a happy and peaceful festival atmosphere, but also fully demonstrated the unity, enterprising and vigorous spirit of the employees of Haoyuan company, and enhanced the team consciousness and collective sense of honor.


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