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Chop the waves to create brilliance again
Time:2023-01-04   Read:157second  

The law returns to the spring light gradually, and everything starts to update. In the footsteps of sonorous progress, Haoyuan Company has added a new growth ring. The ship of the times has braved the wind and waves, and we have ushered in a new year full of hope.

When you put down the work at hand, pick up the New Year's calendar, sort out your thoughts and ideas, and look back on the year 2022, there will always be some different landscapes deeply embedded in the life memories of Haoyuan people, and deeply engraved into the annual rings of Haoyuan's history.
This year, in the face of the complicated and severe COVID-19, in order to successfully complete the annual objectives of production and operation, Haoyuan people united as one, and wrote a magnificent picture of "scattered stars are all over the sky, together is a fire" in the war exam.

This year, in the face of all kinds of difficulties, challenges and arduous tasks, Haoyuan people strove through the storm and strove forward. Focusing on the theme of "benchmarking management, improving quality and efficiency", they insisted on comparing benchmarking to find gaps, comparing tables to implement, and comparing standards to ask questions, so as to tap internal potential, pay close attention to refined management, and set new records in business indicators.

This year, Haoyuan seized the opportunity of project construction. The front-line workers were firm in their footsteps and pressed the "fast forward" key for project construction against the clock, demonstrating once again the "Haoyuan speed". The projects with an annual output of 300000 tons of hydrogen peroxide, 200000 tons of polystyrene, and 20000 tons of morpholine have been completed and put into operation successively. The units operate stably and reach the production standard.

This year, Haoyuan actively carried out activities such as epidemic prevention and control condolences, rural revitalization assistance, caring student assistance, children's welfare home condolences, and urban civilization construction, earnestly fulfilled corporate social responsibility and demonstrated Haoyuan's responsibility.
This year, the happiness and sense of gain of the employees of the company were further strengthened. They always received warm wishes from the company on festivals and employee birthdays; The company has effectively solved a number of people's livelihood problems of "urgency, difficulty, worry and expectation". The working condition of employees is getting better and better, and the working environment is more comfortable and clean.

A thousand pieces of brocade have been displayed in the old year, and a hundred feet more in the new year. In the face of the new year, how should Haoyuan start all the work in an all-round way and constantly create a new situation? Working hard is still the most powerful answer. The majority of Party members, cadres and employees should start today and from now on, do a solid job in all aspects, make contributions to the new era with new responsibilities, and write new answers with new ideas.

Make contributions to the new era with new responsibilities, and write new answers with new responsibilities. We must consciously focus on the overall situation and assume the mission. The spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is the guide for our Party to unite and lead the people to learn from history and create a future. We must keep the overall situation in mind, shoulder the mission, fully implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, continue to struggle and forge ahead, and contribute to building a first-class coal chemical enterprise with high-quality development.
Make contributions to the new era with new responsibilities and write new answers with new ideas. We must highlight "early", "fast" and "real" in our work. "Morning" means to tighten the screws and wind up the spring from the first day of the New Year. "Fast" means to keep things in mind, in mind, and with your own work in hand at all times, and to start things as soon as possible and promote them with the highest efficiency. "Practical" means that we should take each work as a specific project, define the task book, roadmap, timetable and responsibility system, and implement them in an orderly manner.

The vast and indistinct line is boundless, and the sail is set but the trade wind is blowing. The new voyage has just started, and the beautiful vision is far away! In the new year, let's swing the ideal "oar", fully tap the "horsepower" of faith, take struggle as the motto, and struggle as the paving stone, chop the waves, ride the waves, cross the waves, and sail with Haoyuan to a better distance!


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